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Twitter Followers

Community Member
Hi Christopher

I'm pretty active on Twitter and notice BB don't follow back.  I never follow anyone who doesn't follow back.  I followed Kevin Rudd & even he followed me back.  

For BB to reach more people, it must follow back, just saying.  Hope you don't mind me being direct.


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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Struggler,

Not at all.  The reason we choose not to follow every follower on Twitter is we don’t want to create the false expectation that we can read every single tweet from every single follower. As our resources here are limited, this task would be impossible for us.

Following individuals also gives them the ability to direct message us through Twitter. We aren’t comfortable with this as many users may use this as a way to help seek or get in touch during a crisis. Given the 140 character limitation we’d be very hesitant to open up Twitter as a private help-seeking platform because we don’t have the space to write helpful, informed and considerate replies. 

However, we do read every tweet we are mentioned in, so we are always there for anyone who reaches out to us directly via Twitter in order to refer them here or to our support service.