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Seeking help

Community Member
Hey, I’m seeking help for what’s happening to me right now. I’ve been taking medication for anxiety for year now, but I’m starting to become frustrated and irritable at work. I’m worried I may be disaplined if I have another bad day.
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Joel, can you tell whether any of these feelings have been caused by the work you do or if you have been put into this situation by management or other work mates that's making you feel this way.

Having a bad day may not be your fault but by other circumstances that you might not be aware of, only the end result.

Best wishes.


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Joel,

Well come to our forums.

I agree with Geoff maybe you could have a think about these things and let us know your thoughts.

Everyone has bad days.

Please come back to us.

Mark Z.
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Joel,

Welcome to the forum.

I'm sorry for your challenge, do you want to share more details about your latest work status? Being frustrated and irritable is not a misconduct, and normally doesn't lead to disciplinary actions, only if your performance result is continuously impacted, or you intentionally breach company policy repeatedly. If your company becomes aware of your mental health challenge, they may even provide some assistance, as many companies have mental health policy and supporting programs. I also want to encourage you to keep seeing your doctor to update your status.


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hey Joel,

Do these feelings only happen when at work or are they starting to expand to other areas as well? It can be really hard to be in an environment that causes you to feel this way so perhaps you could speak with somebody at your work to see what accomodations/support they can offer you?