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Newbie, intro - about me and struggles

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Hi there,

I'm Sharkboy (they/them) and I don't actually know how I found these forums but I am glad to be here. I was trying to look up some things on anxiety, mostly because I have concerns I may be experiencing psychosis or delusional disorder. I do see a psychologist regularly, but an hour session never feels like enough to get out what I need to talk about. There is a long list I guess.

I worry about jobs, whether I'll just be unhappy forever because I'll never find work I like (I have ADHD and autism too). I worry about being able to support myself outside of the housing assistance I'm in. Feel really hopeless and unable to believe I can function on my own at times.
On top of that, the pandemics been a massive stressor of mine as I have suffered severe health anxiety for many years and it has amplified since the beginning of this year. I also have I really struggle eating properly (part of the health anxiety), I get nervous ordering food because I always think it'll make me sick. I think I am at the point where my stomach hurts no matter what I consume because of how bad the anxiety is getting. One of my partners has also got me feeling down lately, and I wish I felt I could talk to them about it. I'm usually okay about communicating with them, but this one instance has me so anxious and worried.

I suppose a positive is I'm looking forward to being able to hire a car for a road trip after lockdown. And I cannot wait to ride a horse again.

Thank you for listening 🙂


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Community Champion

Hi shark boy,

Wellcome to our forums!

Sorry you are feeling this way I understand it’s difficult.

Thats great that you are seeing a psychologist have you been able to speak to them about your worries of psychosis?

I understand health anxiety I also suffered with this in a period of my life I’ve now recovered….. I understand the intrusive thoughts and severe anxiety that go with it…… it came to a point in my life when my anxiety became severe I was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder by a psychiatrist….. I’ve now recovered thanks to the help I received from health professionals.

Has you psychologist been able to help you with your health anxiety? Or been able to give you helpful strategies for your anxiety?

I understand the lockdown would be hard..

Horses are great I hope you can get back to riding soon.

Im here to chat