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Newbie anxious nurse

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Hello all,

New to online forums. I have recently started to see a psychologist for my anxiety-something i feel i always have struggled with but has become a lot worse recently.

Moving towns-regional to melbs and then straight into a lockdown. I moved away from friends and career of 14 years to start a new career as a registered nurse at the age of 34. Started my graduate year as a nurse, which is a hard year as it is, then with the pandemic on top of it has been a challenge. This life change has not been easy. A lot of changes and new things which i struggle with.

Social anxiety means i have not made any friends yet in melbs and general anxiety and overthinking is making my thoughts/beliefs in my mind very strong. I am very good at hiding it with avoiding and keeping it to myself, which i thought was helpful but got the courage to go to my GP and started seeing a psychologist.-one of the hardest things i have done. But talking about my beliefs in my mind and struggles i think is the start of getting somewhere to understanding my mind, anxiety and loneliness.

Looking forward to chatting, listening and learning from you all.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear Jamac,

A very war, and caring welcome to our forums...

Congratulations on your new career..I feel it takes a special kind of person to be a nurse...

Taking the first step towards your wellness journey with your GP, takes a lot of courage and I’m so happy that you’ve taken that step as well as joining these wonderful and caring community..

I struggle a lot with anxiety and in the 8 years since I moved to this little country village in NSW I have one one close friend and a neighbour that blows hot and cold a lot of times...but on the whole she has a big heart...

I hope you will make some friends with the colleagues that you will be working with....It seems harder to make friends, the older we get...(not saying your old at all...I’m double your age)...

Please talk here when you feel up to it...One thing I am learning is that my depressive or anxious thoughts are not mostly true....and I try my best to distract them..when they pop into my head, before they start festering...

Here for you Dear Jamac...whenever you need to talk about anything..

Kind thoughts with my care..


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello Jamac,

Welcome to the forums.

What a challenging time to be moving & starting a new career! - &going to see your GP, & a new Psychologits, wow!

These are major changes, which all are likely to cause a lot of stress, & heighten anxiety.

I sincerely hope you can work with the Psychologist, so you can begin to work with the thoughts & feeling, & that having some understanding will lead you towards the life you want.

The first time I approached a GP to ask about seeing a Psychiatrist was many years ago, & I still vividly remember how terrified I was. & I have to admit it didn't get much easier in subsequent years when I had to do it all again.

I'm sure you will discover people here are kind, caring & respectful. There is no rush. If you feel comfortable to post, you may, here or elsewhere around the forums.

You'll notice a targeted forum for people with all manner of anxiety, & many threads discussing related topics. You are welcome to look at that.

You'll certainly see me around!😺 I get a lot out of being here.


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Jamac,

Firstly, welcome to the forum and its great that you were able to share your feelings.

Also, congratulations on your new job and I wish you all the best in your new career.

Moving, away from family and friends is always tough, but this had been compounded further for you with COVID lockdowns.

I really do feel for you!!!

At the present moment I am sure that you will get the right support, and guidance from your psychologist to help your through your current period.

Also, moving forward and post COVID I can imagine there is going to be a lot of staff within the medical sector who will want and need to share their COVID experiences/stories and hopefully this will bring you a number of opportunities to make friends and hence increase your social network.

In the meantime, please continue to post on these forums.

We are here to listen and we are not here to make any judgement but to promote a safe, comfortable and secure environment for all.



Community Member

Hi Jamac,

Congratulations on your new career! Your occupation will truly be appreciated during these difficult times. Reaching out for help as you have done, undergoing so many changes in a short time, highlights a courageous attitude and strength of character. I hope that whenever you find yourself overthinking, remember that your inner will and true strength often reveals itself in troubling times.

I hope you will find the forums helpful and comforting.