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My partner is in a Psychiatric unit and she is getting worse!

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My partner has mental illness and had stopped taking her medication 12 months ago and over the past 4 months has started drinking really heavily, about a fortnight ago she became to violent for me to handle and I had to call the police, she then made her self a Voluntary Patient At a Psychiatric unit and now she is getting worse, I have only received 2 phone calls from a nurse and I’m am yet to hear from a doctor I have asked for the doctors number and have called it many times but no answer or message bank?? I’m finding this lack of information is really impacting my own mental health’ dose anyone have any suggestions what I should do? Who do I contact?
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Valued Contributor

Hi Hsk,

That would be so hard to not be hearing back from the nurses and doctors. I hope they get back to you soon. Have you tried reception at the psychiatric unit? Maybe a call and an email? I hope you are okay, I have had a close family member in a similar position and I know it can be very scary. Please take some time to feel calm while you await their call back, may I suggest looking into Combat breathing? It's basically counting your breaths, so inhale for a count of four, hold for a count of four, exhale for a count of four and hold for a count of four X 7 rounds. Emergency services and military / elite athletes use this in times of crisis to help them to feel better under high pressure situations. I hope this helps. Sometimes people do need to get worse before they get better (there is no where but up from rock bottom right?). It could take some time if she's been off her meds for them to be effective again. I'm sure the psych unit is onto that and would be doing their best to make sure she is safe at this time. That said the unknown is always difficult. Thanks for reaching out!

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Community Champion

Hello Dear Hsk11..

We would like to warmly welcome you to the forums...

I had the choice to be forced or volunteer admit myself to a mental health unit....

The first few days I went down...I think because I didn’t want to be where I was...I stayed in my room for 3 days not leaving it....I was scared...but in time after gentle persuasion from the nurse I slowly started getting invoked with the group sessions that they run...

It was full on with the psychiatrist that are their..but I can tell you honesty that I was looked after and cared for very well...I realised that I was in the best place I could be at that time...I was allowed my phone and was on these forums a few times a day to get support from the lovely people here...

I had no one they could ring to let them know my progress..I live alone...The voluntary units that I was in..was to help me to start caring for me again...There were patients coming and going...We all had turns of cooking for each other, had to look after our room..and ourselves..it was hard for me the first few weeks, but slowly I started getting better...I spent nearly 6 weeks in their...I’m sharing my story with you in the hope that it eases your anxiety about her being in their...They do care and will look after her....

I think it’s very wrong that the nurses, doctors are not keeping you updated..are you allowed to visit your partner..I wasn’t allowed visitors for around 3 weeks..then again I had no one to visit me...maybe ask the nurses if your allowed to visit your partner...

Hsk, if you need to keep ringing the unit and speak to them..and ask for updates....Please do so..I’m sure they will let you know how she is progressing...or if your not getting any answers from them...maybe go to the ward she is in and ask their...

I am really deeply sorry that your partner got into such a dark place...I hope with all my heart that your partner starts her journey back to wellness...

My kindness wishes with care..


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hey -

that does sound difficult. The nurses might have some good info though, can you keep trying with them. I hope your partner is doing okay, it must be so hard not to know. I'm not sure what rights partners have but it seems you really should be entitled to some info about how she's going. It is very upsetting not to know, and I'd politely let them know how upset you are. It's important that you can know because you are part of her support team, and you need to be included!!

Hope you are okay and feeling okay with all these challenges for you and your partner. Take care