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Little insane, mostly harmless... also new.

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Suppose I should say hello first? Hello! Finally decided to take the plunge and see what Beyondblue was all about, plenty of people recommended me come here. Like a lot of people I suffer from a slew of 'stuff' that feels a little like that furry feeling on your teeth, without a toothbrush you can sit there for hours trying to use the old finger brush technique but still there's your tongue poking at that feeling about a minute later. Even with the right tools, you still find no matter how hard you work at it somewhere a little bit gets left over or slides on back in. Anyway enough with the strangeness, hopefully I'll poke around and see what there is to see!
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Welcome to beyond blue Shayare,

There are many stories and different messages of advice on these forums. Posts are organised into categories, so that will make it easier to find things which are relevant to you.

That teeth-brushing analogy is something I have never heard before. It kind of fits actually!

I hope to see more of you on the forum 🙂