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Just to say thanks.

Community Member

I would like to thank BB for sending me an e mail regarding the thread about Robin Williams. I appreciate your reminder of support. I am very sensitive to the topic of suicide and it's comforting to know I matter to the Forum

Best Wishes to all,


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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Thanks for taking the time to write that, Helen, I've passed your message on to the moderator who wrote to you. You're a valued member and I hope you continue to find comfort and support here.

Community Member

Dear Helen

I'm really pleased that you provided this post - and to hear of your feelings, not only of the tragic death of Robin Williams;   but also that you seem to have found a niche here at Beyond Blue.

And like Christopher, I would like to extend to you the same message with regard to you being able to stay here for as long as you are able too - to seek your own support, but also, to post to others and provide advice, care and support as well.

Kind regards