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Just joined

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I am what people would refer to as a senior. I have always been prone to periods of depression - I am a worrier and one of my parents was a very anxious individual and quite negative about life, the universe and everything. So I think I have inherited at least a part. I have mostly coped in the past because I was working (now retired), and had a loving partner (now widowed since 2015). I always had plenty to do and a shoulder to cry on. But I doubt if I would have joined this without the pandemic. During 2020 I was finishing writing and publishing a book, which finally happened in March this year. This was so all-consuming of my attention that I coped fairly well, particularly not living in a capital city with its attendant lock-downs. Now the virus has spread to the regions, my only face-to-face contact is when my daughter - an essential worker - drops off her 2 children for home schooling 3 days a week. I love the time I spend with them but when on my own, in spite of having lots to do around the house and yard - like catching up on the housework I didn't do whilst writing a book! - I don't feel motivated to do any of it. I have good friends and rels I can talk to on the phone or email, but it just isn't the same.
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Hey Chantal2,

Welcome to the BB community! So glad that you joined.

I'm so sorry for the hardship you had to deal with. I hope all is well.

Congrats on writing and publishing your new book!

COVID has impacted everyone and I understand how hard it can be. It's unfortunate how we can't see our loved ones and friends face-to-face.

Don't worry this lockdown will end soon and the virus will be history. Just have hope! it's the only thing we can hold onto during this tough time.

You can also try videocallling your rels and good friends, it will feel more real than a phone call.

Stay safe!

Thanks Sophia16 - just writing my first post made me feel better and more purposeful. I am about to tidy the linen cupboard which has been crying out for some TLC for ages.

Cheers, Chantal2

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Hi Chantal

well done on the book - maybe there is another book in the current situation you find yourself in - distraction - creative distraction is what works for me - I draw and can get lost in a pencil drawing for hours or go for a walk into the bush with a sketch pad

dont worry about the housework it will still be there when you actually feel like doing it ;>) and this covid situation wont go on forever what do they reckon by mid October there will be lots of freedom for the fully vaccinated

have you taken advantage of the "singles Bubble" where you can nominate a friend to visit - I think that is still available

happy to talk Sparehead