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Introduction about my Mental Health journey and how I started my podcast on Mental Health

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi my name is Matthew,

I lost my older brother named Daniel in 2019 from his condition which was Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and I was in my final year of high school. It was hard on my family and especially myself as I lost my best friend. I'm so happy I reached out though and spoke to firstly Beyond Blue who told me to speak to my GP which I did and I feel my depression dark cloud has shrunk down then what it was when I lost my brother Daniel.

I currently do a podcast on a community radio station which I love doing each week and I've done 5 episodes and since I've lost my brother I had this gut feeling to be doing something more than what I was currently doing and I'm glad I've found where I want to be which is talking to others about their Mental Health journey and spreading the important message to get the ball rolling on that discussion of Mental Health.

I miss my brother every day but he definitely motivates me and pushes me to keep doing my podcast.
Thanks very much for listening to my journey.

Stay Safe

Have a great week.



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Community Member

Hi Matthew,

It's so great that you found your niche, the thing you really want to do. doing a podcast like that would be a big help for others who are going through the same sorts of issues and I think it's a great thing to do.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Nice to hear your story ... at least the part about the podcast. Sorry to hear about your brother. Much more needs to be done in this area and I hope you have success with your podcast.

So tell me what are you retro games you like/play?

And how are you going at the moment?

Hi smallwolf,

I have a collection of retro gaming consoles as well as games including the original Xbox, Ps1 fat, Ps2 fat and slim, Ps3 and Ps4. I have a Nintendo Wii, I have a Gameboy Advance SP, Nintendo 64 with Banjo-Kazooie, original Nintendo 3Ds that come out in blue. My favourite game I'm lucky to have in my collection is The Simpsons Hit & Run on Ps2 as that brings back the beautiful memories of when I played it with my brother Daniel. Since he passed I started to get my retro gaming collecting. As I had previously sold my consoles I had and games before he passed. But I love all the games and consoles as I love nostalgia even if the consoles weren't around when I was younger.

Thanks Matthew

Hi Rishie,

Thanks very much for your response and how are you going at the moment.

Thanks Matthew

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Mathew loves retro gaming,

Wellcome to our forums and sorry for your loss of your brother….

I understand this would have been a very difficult time in your life thank you for contacting Beyond Blue I’m glad you were able to see your gp and that your depression cloud has shrunk.

Your pod cast sounds wonderful well done for trying to help people with their mental health journeys.

I suffered a mental health condition severe anxiety OCD but thanks to the help of health professionals I have now recovered.

Here to chat

Hi. A couple of years ago my wife got me an Atari console - came with 100s (I think) of games in built as it saves on the loading time. My retro gaming started in the 1980s.

Hi smallwolf,

I've seen those around, hope you're enjoying it and what retro games and consoles do you enjoy collecting.

Thanks Matthew

back in the day there were places with arcade machines and games like 1942, off road racer, and ghosts and goblins.