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I will just start with "Hello" first!

Community Member

Hello to all!

Not a big onliner, but hopefully I can be an active member of this forum. Looking forward to nourishing and authentic conversation/dialogue - which I find a rare commodity these days.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear Victoria,

A very warm and caring welcome to our forums...

Its really nice that you have joined these wonderful forums...

We are a very kind and caring community and I hope you do find what your looking for here....Looking forward to seeing you around the forums..

Kind thoughts Dear Victoria..


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Victoria, sometimes being an active participate on a forum can be frightening, because your not sure of what type of reaction people may send back to you, but we only relay our own experience and what we have had to cope with, not from ourselves, but from other people we have been close to, so we don't criticise anybody, all we want to do is help people through this illness as best as we can.

We would truly love to hear back from you.


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Victoria M

Welcome to the Beyond Blue forum family! If we didnt have new people posting the forums wouldnt be around

The forums are a safe and non judgmental place for you (us) to post

my kindest


On The Road
Community Member

Hi Victoria M,

Welcome to the forum, 🙂 I as well, was looking forward to nourishing and authentic conversation, and luckily I had some and read some posts that resonate with me much. I hope you find the same way. This is a welcoming community.