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Hi from a new member

Community Member


Just want to talk to someone that I can be open. Being anonymous might allow me to be open more compared to talking to family and friends.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi barok,

Welcome to the forums! I hope you find it to be a safe space to share your concerns. We are all here to help you and provide support in any way. You are not alone.

Do you want to talk about anything in particular?

Jaz xx

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear barok,

A very warm and caring welcome to the forums...

We are all here to help support and help you the best we can..

I think being anonymous works for a lot of people...me included..

Its okay to talk as little or as much you feel comfortable with...no pressure...

Here if you feel to talk...

My kind thoughts with my care dear barok..


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi barok,

Wellcome to our forums.

Please feel free to be open with us when you are ready, we are all a very caring supportive community.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Barok, take as much time as you like, because it's important for you to feel as though you are comfortable, and the best part, is that it's anonymous, so nobody knows who you are, let alone who we are.

Look forward in hearing back from you.