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Hi everyone, yes am new, off work dues to illness and injury and feeling lost and not sure now what to do.

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I am only 55 years old, so not ready for Retirement, due to illness I am forced to take time off, yep feeling sad and useless due to early onset osteo, but also having Rheumatoid arthrisis, Wow sorry if this is not how things are done, but life has been very difficult regarding these conditions. All I really want is to go back to work(love my job)
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On The Road
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Hi Fee fee,

Welcome to this forum, I'm sorry that you are going through these. I'm not a medical expert but I know the struggles that people have with osteo and I understand the pain of having RA 😞 I feel pain when I read the words. It must be really hard for you as you have such a passion for your jobs but you may wake up with pain and couldn't help with it, especially in this humid weather. Life is about doing what we love, isn't it? What're the alternatives you have at the moment that could give you fulfilment?

I'm not sure but there are FB groups and also a site call The Mighty where they have support groups for various conditions. You may find people with similar conditions. And of course you are always welcome here to share like I am because this is a supportive community. We are here to listen.🙂

Take care

Mark Z.
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Hi Fee fee,

I can tell that it must be very frustrating.

You mentioned that you love your job, is it more physical? Would you mind sharing more information about your company and job? If you love the company culture but you're unfit to perform due to your health condition, is it possible to discuss with your company and explore other opportunities less physical?

Alternatively you can think about starting a new career. I know it's very hard, especially if you've been doing certain type of job for your whole life. But maybe there're something else you're very good at?

We're more that happy to listen and give advice.