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Hey 😊

Community Member

I’m Kat.

just a quick question please!

what happens or is it just a different or new add on to your already clinical depression, if your watching your whole world just crumble all around you, not being able to do anything about it, realise yep it is actually happening, and then become weirdly happy? Even though inside your not but just saying that it doesn’t feel right. I feel so happy inside and out!

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On The Road
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Community Champion
Hi kat, thanks for the replies.
I’m sorry that things have been tough and you have to live through it day by day. The kids, a cheating ex-partner, and the misunderstanding from the others.
Your feelings are valid, sometimes I reckon that for some people in struggles the overwhelming feeling is so huge that something that has been hanging up on their heart finally drops off. They are so tired that they don’t wanna care about anything anymore, which leads to a tranquil state of mind, strangely. And they may see this as a way out. People do have this kind of reaction, or in my opinion, I would see it as a strength.
It’s great to see you did a great job taking care of your kids, keep to yourself knowing that it’s not your fault.
I can’t imagine how tired you are at the moment, just want you to know you are welcome to share more anytime you feel comfortable. πŸ™‚