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Help re: particular physical symptoms of depression .

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Hello everyone, 


I look through the forums but couldn’t find anything. I know this is a long shot but I thought I’d ask the question anyways.


I don’t feel like I have severe depression as I still have the want to do things and enjoy the things I can actually do. I do believe I have mild anxiety though but I just don’t t know. My psychiatrist/  psychologist just aren’t certain. 


What’s been happening is when I go out to the shops, I’m ok for a 30/60min then I get my usual anxiety symptoms (muscle tension/light headedness/tiredness/muscle aches) before I leave head to the car and relax. Sometimes I break down in tears briefly then feel good. Other times im

good in 10min but the muscles aches stay just not as bad. 


Also, it’s happening when I do any physical activity (cables workout at the gym/wash my car/ 30min walk / swim etc) the same thing happens. 

Outside of this I’m generally ok and only deal with light muscle ache’s which come and go. It’s a quiet life atm but things were way worse, my head was all over the place etc but my head is good now apart from what I’ve said. 

does anyone else get these kind of symptoms is my question? Thankyou in advance. 

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Dear Johnny_

Welcome back. I'm sorry to hear you have such perplexing and painful reactions. There is no doubt at all that stress can make a big difference to the body.


As someone with depression bouts and constant anxiety I will start to get bodily reactions within a few minutes, of becoming stressed. Maybe 1/2 an hour and a headache will start, plus other things including muscle ache around the  shoulders and pain in the chest.. As pressure builds the symptoms increase.


Before I accepted that these reactions were caused  by my mental condition I had myself examined by doctors and specialists, some more than once.  I found it hard to believe chest pain was caused by stress, not something wrong with my heart -and the same with all the rest.


I beleive it was the right way to go. If in fact your aches are caused by a physical condition it is imortant it be identified and treated before putting it down to a mental health issue.


May I ask if you have been properly examined? I do remember for instance a couple of years ago you had glandular fever which caused aches.



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Hi Johnny,

I've definitely had similiar symptoms, particularly with finding myself (unexpectedly) breaking down during or after exercise / physical exertion.


Often I find that if I place my body/ mind under additional stress while feeling low, I usually end up teary without warning. I think of it as 'the body keeping the score', or a kind of a physiological response to multiplied stress.  During a task my adrenaline or dopamine levels peak and get me through the situation, but then the crash afterwards feels extra awful.


I can't guarantee if this is true for you, but I have found that this happens to me when I've stopped (or have been avoiding) checking in with myself and how I am feeling.  By "checking in" I mean taking a moment to step back from whatever activities and automatic thoughts and be honest with yourself about how you are feeling - both physically and mentally. A psychologist used to prompt me to ask the question "what do I need right now?" which I've found helpful.

It seems like you're good at monitoring your physical symptoms, which is a great skill to have. Not sure if any of this was helpful or what you were after, but I wish you well.



Hi Croix,


thank you for your reply. I can relate to some of what you’re saying so I feel I could be on the right track. Stress does crazy stuff to the body. I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing these kind of symptoms too.


i thought of the glandular fever too but that’s already been ruled out. Funny you say that, I’ve just started with a new doctor who wanted to do a full examination kind of like a fresh patient. He’s ignored the file for the moment and said.” Let’s start again and see what comes up”. So far it’s all clear. I had some further tests today so will wait and see what he says. 

it may simply come down to a dysregulated nervous system or anxiety but best to rule everything out first like you said. Thank you again. 

hi Emily,

Yes!! I can relate to what you’re saying 100% regarding the breaking down after physical exercise. If I do just a little too much, this happens to me too. And even though my energy is good, it’s the aftermath that hits me when I relax. 

My psychologist suggested the same thing. I now prompt myself in my diary as I need to see the works(worked this out not too long ago) and have made progress. All that comes up is rest when I ask myself this question. I keep at it as I believe an answer will arise soon. 

I appreciate your reply, I’m sorry to hear this happens to you too but just know there is some comfort to me that I’m not the only one. I wish you the best. I know how hard this is. Thank you again.