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I am new here and stressed from a life situation. Looking for somewhere I can discuss the feeling and how to coping. Sometimes is easy to say, but it is difficult to do and talk about it. Thank you for reading and nice to meet you.

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Hello Tan

I am new here too. I understand about the talking think, I really need to ring to get some much needed help , but I keep putting it off. I guess I think when thinks get super bad I will, I have some real bad days where I feel so down and just cry , how I cope been an older person ( 50ish) is when I do have a good spell , I lap it up and use it to get things down so when I’m down I unfortunately curl up and sleep 😴 which annoys me as I’m sleeping my life away. But talking about your feelings is very important, reading your post make me think I really need to get the courage to ring to get the help that’s badly needed .
Anyway , not sure if I have helped u any ? but hi and nice to type to a another new person

have a lovely day where ever you are and what every your doing . I’m going to try and force my self to go out as it’s a sunny day !! Bye 👋

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Hello and welcome

Would you like to share more about what is happening?

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Hi Tan 2672,

Welllcome to our forums!

I understand sometimes life situations can make us feel stressed and unable to function properly at times, I had severe anxiety OCD in my life time and have now recovered from this condition thanks to opening up and getting the help I needed to recover!

Life is a learning journey…… we are all here to listen to you and help you in these forums!

Please talk to us more 😊