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hello! i think this might be just the kind of space i need

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i think i'm going to go by bee (some bees have just started building a nest in my yard so it's on the brain :}} )

ive had depression and a lot of the classic brain problems since i was quite young and im 21 now. even though i have some lovely friends and a very supportive partner i do often find myself aware that many of them have had a very different experience than i have when it comes to mental health, and it often unsettles me thinking how no one may ever truly understand me.

but i think maybe a space like this will fill some of that worry in. i have always really loved writing my thoughts, but to be able to do that and connect with others would be very special and comforting.

i don't suffer as much as i used to - my mental health has become one of those things that i just deal with every day in a lot of ways. i'm really proud of how far i've come, but it's still very much part of who i am and my day to day existence, and that's okay!

anyway, that's a bit about me and what i'm doing here. nice to meet you 🙂

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hi Bieber and welcome to the forums and making your first post.This is a safe caring environment to share your experiences and get advice.The people here will have great understanding to what you are experiencing with your mental health.I hope you feel comfortable to share more on here.
Take care,

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Hey giebee, welcome. That's so cute about the bees, aren't they adorable? When I was a kid, there was this chubby Bumblebee who couldn't fly so he just walked on the flowers, it was so cute, I miss it haha.

I'm also 21, and I've had mental illnesses since I was 12, so I relate to you. I'm glad you have a supportive partner, and some supportive friends. I wish I had those, friends especially.

I understand you, and I hope you find this place supportive. We're here for you.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

A warm welcome to you giebee

So glad to hear you're finding ways to manage your mental health. Graduating to new management ways is something to be incredibly proud of. There's nothing quite like a whole new mind altering challenge to set in motion even more ways to manage. Life is definitely testing at times.

Personally, I've found that while the people around me can be supportive in a number of ways, there's nothing quite like a sensitive person to really get me and where I'm coming from. Wondering whether you also find this to be the case. It's taken a number of years, since having left my depression behind me, to realise that other people can occasionally be insensitive to how I'm vibing based on their experience. Whether it's a matter of me knowing what I need to feel more excitement and others not being able to relate to that need or me feeling the need to relax and re-energise and people saying I shouldn't sleep the day away, it can be frustrating sometimes when people just don't understand these needs. I think most folk I know have gradually come around to accepting me as a little 'weird'. Personally, 'weird' works for me. I love it. It's who I am. I spent so many years of my life being 'normal' which didn't work for me.

The last weird thing I did involved purchasing this little plush toy. It is a rabbit with the softest fur you could possibly imagine. The toy is about the size of an adult hand (just to set the picture). I keep it in the car. When I get a little stressed, I rub it on my face, usually under my nose. I know, I told you I was a little out there 🙂 After doing this on a couple of occasions, I had somewhat of an epiphany. Toddlers typically do the same thing, with a blanky or favourite soft toy. They naturally do this as a form of self soothing. Toddlers are naturally intelligent people in my opinion. They naturally do a lot of things for good reason, reasons we adults typically don't give a lot of thought to. With all our senses as natural resources for feeling our way through life, the sense of touch can be a mind altering experience. It's been proven to literally change the chemistry in our brain.

Most highly sensitive people will live through sensing. Some challenges will involve tying to work out what we're sensing or feeling. Wondering whether you feel/sense peace and liberation through your writing, such beautiful feelings. Feeling that sense of coming to naturally know your self better is perhaps the best feeling of all.