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Hello everybody

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This is my first time here I have been suffering in silence for the last 12 month, but the other day it all just got 2 much gor me to handle, I was in the shower cleaning it and I couldn't even do that I just burst into tears for the last 12 months or so I have6 felt like I couldn't do anything or go anywhere. I had to force myself to have a shower and getout of the house was just so tired, i wasn't sleeping very well was tired all the time. I am crying at drop of a hat. Sometimes I feel everyone would be better off without me being here. I have no one to talk to, when the house started to become messy I was told I was just being lazy but I wasn't I physicallycouldn't do it and when they went away I burst into tears again and just agreed with them as it was easier. I just feel like I am being smothered can't breathe and cant move, I just don't really know what's wrong with me. I feel like I am going mad this is effecting all aspectd of my life now can anyone help me please I feel scared dont know what's happening to me. Sorry for rambling on.

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Hey Sosorry,

It sounds like an incredibly difficult time. We can hear you’re going through a lot, and have been feeling suicidal. We’re really glad you could share here, and it’s a really brave step to have taken.

We’re reaching out to you privately. In the meantime, we’d really encourage you to give us a call on the Beyond Blue Support Service. We are available 24/7 by phone on 1300 22 4636 and our counsellors are really good at talking people through moments like this and working out options for more support. 

Another option would be ringing Lifeline (13 11 14) or the Suicide Call Back Service (1300 659 467), who can talk it through with you and help you to plan for your safety. The Beyond Blue safety planning app might be worth looking at, too. You can read about how it works and where to download it here. You can even call Lifeline and compete it with one of their counsellors over the phone if you'd like.

We’re sure we’ll hear from some of our lovely community members here on your thread soon. In the meantime, feel free to try some of the techniques Smiling Mind have shared here on Finding a place inside that feels calm and safe, such as movement, splashing your face with water, or breathing exercises. If you don't feel up to it, that's completely fair too.

Thanks again for sharing here. It's a really safe space and we're sure our community will have understanding, advice and kind words for you once they spot this thread. 

Kind regards,

Sophie M

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Community Champion

Hi Sosorry,

Wellcome to see forums!

Im sorry you are feeling this way I understand it must be difficult for you.

Have you thought about talking to your gp about the way you are feeling and how it’s affecting your life?

I went through a anxiety disorder it was horrible and I thought I was going crazy.

I seeked professional help and I’m now recovered and life couldn’t be better….. my first point of call was my gp……

Your not alone

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Champion Alumni

Hello Sosorry, and a warm welcome to the site.

It isn't appropriate for anyone to tell you off about having an untidy room, simply because they don't know whether or not that particular person is suffering from any type of mental illness and by condemning them, they don't realise what can happen as a result, instead, they could ask if this person would like some help.

What happens if they say no, they are OK, well as a gesture you could ask a couple of questions, like are you sleeping alright, when was the last time you ate and have you been to work, and it looks as though you have been crying, the answers to these will indicate how this person is travelling.

People who have been in this type of situation know exactly how this person is feeling and only want to reach out to them, so that they can be supported in many different ways and let them know there is also help out there to support them.

When you cry at anything, those that have been in this position know that this can't be overcome by yourself, it's just a matter of convincing you to see their doctor who can then begin the process for you to get better.

Hope you can get back to us when you're available.


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Hi Speaking for myself it is usually a trigger that sets me off. Like when I had to put my little dog down. Or a relationship problem. Once I have the trigger I can work through it.
Sometimes a change of a job or moving can cause this. Even a change of diet.
Regardless speaking to your GP and get blood pressure etc take might turn up an underlying medical cause.