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Gday guys been a member for a while but this is the first time I'm posting.
Names carlo and I have a question to ask
I've been at my current employer for 2 years now and for basically the 2 years have been great and I havent had issues but last month my work hired a casual who was alright for 2 weeks with me , then we had an argument where he called me lazy, an animal and someone who cant think and is dumb. Which has made my anxiety and depression worsen. It came to a head when my boss took me aside to suggest I look for a jeep job. Which has made me even more anxious and depressed. I wake up in terror of the thought of going to work and I'm not happy to do the job i have to do .
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white knight
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Community Champion

Hi, welcome

Unfortunately nothing is guaranteed in life. Our working environment can change very quickly. The world can be at war at any time and our health can spiral down.

We need to be adaptive and in your case, I'm afraid, if you havent got your bosses support then whatever action you can muster wont be enough.

If you canmot be patient and wait till your boss sees this persons true colours you'll have to seek another job.