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Emotional mess?

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Hi, I have suffered lifelong (at least since age 15 years - I am now 76) from an anxiety disorder combined with chronic depression.  I seem to have evened out the depression  mood swings with the help of appropriate medication but the anxiety panic attacks still plague me.  That is not the end of my story either. For the past 20 years I have had a dystonia of the eyelids called blepharospasm. With this you lose control over the tiny muscles that control your eyelid movements. No one knows the exact cause but it is considered nuerological. In my case probably a bi-product of anxiety.  As though that were not enough just 7 years ago I was diagnosed as suffering from Aspergers Syndrome: was told that I was born with this autism and would die with it - no cure known. Try to imagine how, untreated,this would disaffect your life. Can any reader identify with such a cocktail of ailments?

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Community Champion

Hi Fellow-Traveller,

Welcome and thank you for sharing, it sounds like a lot to deal with and I feel for you. I only have experience with chronic major depression but wanted to let you know that there are members here who will be able to relate to the other things you mentioned. I just wanted to give you some support and encourage you to post as often as you wish and let you know you are not alone.