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Dear BeyondBlue

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I couldn't be more thankful for you guys, with having a bad day and posting on a forum to get a reply back from you guys when you don't expect one makes you feel cared about, i know that's what you guys do for a living but you make it personal not just a 'copy' and 'paste' response it's heart felt, thank you 

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Dear BBR

That's a wonderful post - but may I say, that for the majority of posting on here (99% - and I do stand to be corrected on this) is done by fellow sufferers of mental illness - any type, BPD, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, etc etc.

So though posting on here for a living would be absolutely AWESOME - the people who post on here are either already working, not currently in work at the moment, perhaps at Uni or even school, and again, I'll say, etc.

But as you quite correctly finished off, the only copy and pasting that is done here is if a person decides to type up their post/reply on an email or a word document and then copy/paste it to here.   So yes, every post is delivered to that person, with heart-felt emotion and most of all, trying to supply as much support to the poster as possible.

Great thread.




what i was meaning was, if you post a thread and it has any thing regarding self harm or ending your life they email you tell you, emergency services, they wish you well that kinda thing i know most people who post on here are just everyday people who this is where they come to vent if they have no one to lean or just aren't comfortable to talk to someone face to face, but i'm meaning the beyondblue workers who are over looking what people put on these forums.. kim

Hi Kim,

Thanks very much for your kind comments, which I've passed on to our moderation team.  Hope you will stay with us on the forums here and start to feel less "broken" than you are right now.