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Can't find your post? It may have been moved

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi everyone,

With thousands of new posts on the forums every month, a lot of housekeeping is required behind the scenes to make sure that threads are organised into their correct categories, not only so people can find the stories most relevant to them, but to stop people being triggered by more traumatic material that they may not wish to read.

You can help us out by thinking carefully about which section to post in before you hit the send button. 🙂

If you're new here and you can't find a post you have made, it could have been moved from the section in which you originally posted it. 

The easiest way to keep track of posts you have made is to use the "My Threads" tab, which lists all the threads you have contributed to or started:


Below are some sections where we commonly need to move posts to:

Supporting family and friends with a mental health condition - Any posts looking for support on behalf of a friend, family member, spouse or partner.

Young people - Any threads started by members under 25 (this forum is mirrored on our Youth Beyondblue website here)

Suicidal thoughts and self harm - Any threads referencing suicidal thoughts or self-harm.

PTSD & Trauma - Any threads relating to PTSD, domestic, sexual or childhood abuse.

Relationship and family issues - Any threads relating to struggles with relationships or family.

Long term support over the journey - Threads which have gone past 100 posts.

Hope this helps.

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