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Anxiety problem

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Hi All, my main problem is my anxiety gets bad when dealing with noises in close proximity to me. I have just moved house and now have neighbours that are quite loud and sit out the back talking with friends every night of the week. I am someone that needs quiet and although i know people just live their lives i cant handle the closeness. How can i change my way as i have no idea
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Chester boy,

I find sudden noises or noises I can not identify. To be frustrating.

can you play music you like to distract you.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Chesterboy~

Welcome, coming here may well assist you as others have talked about the same sort of thing, particularly at night.

I would imagine that if you have an anxiety condition that is making you more sensitive to a lack of peace then having that attended to may be the best long term solution. Do you mind if I ask if you are receiving any medical support for this? I believe there may be therapies that do help reduce such sensitivity.

In the shorter term I can remember a couple of suggestions other people have made. Firstly to create your own noise to counter it. Something soothing like the sounds of the sea shore, a forest or rain. By concentrating on them other noises can assume less importance.

Other than that earplugs can often help. though they have to be chosen with care, as some are designed to block out machinery but let human voices though.

Another idea that may be worth considering, making friends with the neighbors and joining in from time to time. If they are the right sort of people their voices could seem friendly rather than simply intrusive.

So what do you think?


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Champion Alumni

Hello Chesterboy, when you become fixated on something that does annoy you, then it only seems to be worse everytime it happens, so when the neighbours start talking your mind is suddenly attracted to the noise they make.

I wonder if you could put some wifi ear plugs in your ears with music or a discussion station so that this noise can be dulled down to nothing, then slowly over time you can gradually become used to the noise, if that's what you want, otherwise listen to what you enjoy, whatever that may be.


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Champion Alumni


Thank you for being open here. Anxiety can be the worst. It is hard to change ways. Have you ever tried a coping plan? Maybe distract yourself from the things that annoy you. Otherwise, it will just get worse. As others said, listening to music or blocking the noise can be a great way to distract yourself.

Stay safe and I am always here to chat.