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Digital & Gambling Addiction Self-Exclusion

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Yes digital and gambling addiction are real but none of the big tech companies are doing anything about it. I asked a fried to please put PARENTAL CONTROLS on all of my devices and it worked.


90 days ago I made a commitment on New Years and the parental controls was the only thing that helped me change my habits. Then I was beginning to wonder why it’s so hard, it’s because big tech companies don’t want us to self-exclude, they rely on our addictions to make profit.


It’s too easy to bypass and we need a digital self-exclusion mechanism built into Apple/Microsoft/Google accounts. The App Stores keep making money, so of course they don’t want to implement this. But we need this. Self exclusion from institutions is easy to regulate, but not easy from a digital perspective. Let’s be the people who change this, and get regulators to enforce this with big tech.

Are there any politicians who can help us extend self-exclusion into iPhones/Samsung/Tablets in the design of the products??

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Hi there Guest_41458433, 

Thank you for sharing your story here on the forums. We can imagine how difficult it has been for you, but we’re glad you were able to share here about some of the strategies that have been helpful for you.

We can understand the frustration you are feeling around gambling addiction and finding strategies to keep yourself accountable. We wanted to provide some extra support, The Beyond Blue helpline is here for you as well, on 1300 22 4636, or via our webchat or email here. As well as Gambler's Help - support for people with gambling problems, family and friends close to them, and those just wanting to cut back or regain control.  It can make a real difference having someone to talk to especially in moments of distress.  

Thank you again for sharing your story, we're sure there are others who may be going through something similar. It might take some time for our kind community to spot your post, but we’re sure they will soon be here to offer their insight.

Kind regards, 

Sophie M