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self harm is out of control

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I’m really struggling with my self harm whenever i’m anxious it seems to be the only thing to calm me down, i’ve tried so many different techniques before doing it but it’s the only thing i've found so far that helps and i just don’t know what to do, i do it so much now that i can’t wear anything but pants and long sleeves, my friends told me it was gross and ugly to look at it.
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Hello alexis123,

We would like to complement you on finding the courage from inside to write this heartfelt request for help. We pride ourselves on being a helpful and supportive community.

From what you say, it is clear to us that you are desperate to find some other way to let out all the intense pain which you are containing inside. And, to make things worse for you, nobody seems to get this. Instead, it seems like everybody is rejecting you, which probably makes that internal pain even worse.

Fortunately, we have many members who have learned healthier ways to process all that seemingly overwhelming internal pain. We look forward to seeing what techniques they use that help them handle their pain. All we ask is that you read and consider each of their heartfelt suggestions.

We would also like to encourage you to call our counsellors on 1300 22 4636. They may be able to help you calm down, in the moment, so you might be able to find temporary postponement from the urge to self harm.

We would also like to suggest you talk to your GP about setting up a mental health plan with a mental health professional who specialises in working with trauma.

Warm regards,

Sophie M.

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Champion Alumni

Hi alex123,


Im sorry that you are feeling this way.


I understand that anxiety can make us feel very distressed by the thoughts that accompany anxiety and also because of the internal panic that we feel with anxiety.


Im here to show you understanding I also went through severe anxiety……. how did I manage in my really distressing times? When I was first experiencing this I didn’t know what to do with the panic I felt inside myself… it was a very scary and distressing place to be and I knew I couldn’t do it alone so I seeked professional help.


With the professional help I received I was taught many strategies and skills, this did take time to practice so I could use them effectively.


One of the skills I learned was attention training once I had developed this I was then able to turn my attention to something more positive in the present moment when I was experiencing a intrusive thought or anxiety.


Have you seeked professional help for what you are experiencing?


Im really sorry for what your friends said to you… you really need understanding because underneath your self harm is someone who needs understanding and help and once you begin to peel back the internal layers healing can begin.


We are here as a community to listen to you if you want to tell us more.