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Hi again.

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I’m sorry I’m back here again, I promise I’m safe, I’m staying at a friends place currently.

Things have turned south drastically since my last post. My Dad has now walked out of my life, I got hit by a car (I’m ok only minor injuries) a fortnight ago, I am now experiencing financial issues as a result, Uni is stressful with final assignments and prac placements coming up, and finally, today I’ve moved out of home because of some issues the rest of my family has had. I don’t know when I’ll be allowed back home, in the big scheme of things it’s not major, I just feel like I’m a stubbed toe away from being pushed over the edge. I’m not coping well right now and as hard as I’m trying not to, I just feel like I need to do something as an outlet. I just don’t know how to move forward from here, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Again, I’m safe, my friend is letting me stay in the spare room at her house.

kind regards,

Detective S.

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Champion Alumni

Hello Detective S, I'm sorry you have been in a car accident as I know personally how this can affect our lives in many different ways, plus having the car repaired can be traumatic.

I hope you have contacted the State car inurance, here in Vic it's the TAC as they may be able to provide assistance for you, if however, you need other bedding, chairs etc because of the injury, your doctor will need to write a letter to this body and mention this, as well as suggesting any psychological help due to this incident.

You may feel safe where you are at the moment but seeking some counselling would certainly help, then they would be able to direct you in another direction, because what you have done before all of this, you may not be suitable or have lost interest in doing, so discussing this would certainly help.

What happened to me was a long haul that involved years so I don't want this to happen for you.

By all means please get back to us as this journey has just begun.

I'm sorry.


Dear Detective S,

We are always here to help and support our community, so please don't feel like you need to apologise for asking for more support.

Closure, though often painful at the time, is often beneficial over time. This is because we are then able to start figuring out how we want to proceed with our life.

We are glad to hear that you were not seriously injured in the accident.

As there is so much change occurring in your life, though it may sound strange, now may be a good time to consider the direction you want your life to go. You might try asking yourself:

What is the one thing I would like to be or have in my life in five years from now?

What simple steps do I need to take now to head in the direction of that desire?

Am I ready to take those steps?

If the answer to the last question is no, change the answer to the first question.

In our experience, going through these simple questions is a good way to figure out what we want to do next.

It can be helpful to call the BeyondBlue Counsellors on 1300 22 4636, or Lifeline on 13 1114, and have the person talk you through this process to help you find your own clarity.

Remember that we are here for you.

Warm regards,

Sophie M.