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Thai Massage

Community Member

A new business recently opened in my area - Thai Massage boasting that it is useful in the treatment of depression and other mental health disorders.

I've been to one before a few years ago for a shoulder injury playing tennis, in which they really got their elbow into my back to release the knots.

It was painful and far from anything I'd consider depression releasing.

Anyone have any experience with this?

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Using the services of an expert masseuse can be beneficial in removing pent up physical stresses of the body; which may make us feel better about ourselves.

But as a treatment for mental illness? I don't know about that. Sounds like a furfie to me.

NB: I am rather weary of those remedial massage shops; particularly those that only employ young female masseuses. In Sydney it is not uncommon for those shops to double as brothels... so you end wondering how clean that sheet was... yuk!

Hahahahahahaha that gave me a chuckle and I needed it so thank you!

Yea I agree they tend to be a cover for something else around these parts too.. They seem to be popping up everywhere..

In any case I think I'll stick to running.. 😉

Have a great night x