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Looking for advice for severe insomnia

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I am in desperate need of support with my insomnia. I follow sleep hygiene practices, do mindfulness and meditation. My psychologist has said my insomnia is too severe and she cant help me so has given me a name of someone with more experience (I'm waiting on them to get back to me). My GP also cant help, and my psychiatrist is struggling to find medications that can help me in the short term. I also prefer to be off medication, I want to conquer my insomnia but don't know what else is left to do. My severe insomnia restarted a couple of weeks ago when i completely stopped a medication i was on due to how it was affecting me physically. I was dependant on it to make me sleep for 9 years. None of us know what's causing my insomnia. We know why it started many years ago but don't know why its continuing because i no longer have those issues. It isn't due to anxiety, stress or overthinking and I've been to a sleep clinic where they found nothing wrong physically. It seems no health professional can help me so far. I guess I'm just hoping to find someone that's been in a similar boat to me. Unsure of what's causing the insomnia and nothing works to help you sleep. Most nights I have 0 sleep. If I'm lucky I may get 2 hours on a sleep medication. Because of no sleep I'm having migraines and its making me emotional.
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l've been an all nighter for yrs , l love the nights but the mind also often fires up late at night too. l also run a business and it was normal going off to work on 1 ,2 or 3hrs sleep, for yrs. But people and myself too had been worried about me although l had more energy and felt better then than l do now getting sleep again , well apart from the last 6 wks anyway , slight relapse.

For me , it was discipline and routine , routine is crucial it's the most important thing, give into your insomnia and ruin your routine and it won't work. l started training 12mths ago now after yrs of not sleeping and this last 7 8 mths l been get 6, 7 ,8 hrs a night. You've gotta understand yourself and your body clock and signs. For me going to sleep 11.30 - 12.30 ish , 1 ish , is my window and when l'll drift off if l'm going to. Earlier and l won't or wake up later and be up all night but around those times if l can get to sleep l'll sleep all night.Waking up at 7- 7.30ish is at the other end also crucial for me, sleeping any later than that and l won't be tired again that night.

So l started going to bed between 11 and 1 depending , and stayed put , tried to relax , lots of thumb twiddling for a few mths but after awhile l started nodding off a few hours and then more and more and within 6mths l was sleeping right through 5 or 6nights a wk.7 - 8 mths l was sleeping through every night. l gave myself a treat every wk or two , stayed up all night, next night though back to my routine. lf you form a routine and pattern for yourself at whatever times suit you and persist, you will be able to sleep again. lf l could anyone could you've just gotta stick at it.


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Ps , sorry op l forgot to add the other crucial half is no laying round in bed all day or on and off or of an evening , just bc your tired. Gt up at whatever your getting up time is you need to stay out of bed in between your new routine it's crucial. A lot of people that never sleep are always tired and going to bed all hours day or night trying to catch up which just makes it worse. The tireder you are when your new proper going to sleep time does come the better.

Well it worked for me, good luck.