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why so curious?

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im a lesbian and came out roughly 8 years go. im in a relationship with a beautiful girl, but i struggle with being so curious of other lesbian girls, even to the point of cheating.... and no one likes a cheater. it makes me depressed honestly. i just cant seem or maybe want to settle? why do i think of others? why am i so interested and want to follow it? when i follow through with my curiosity... obviously it ends badly as my girlfrind and i fight. im left feeling like im a untrustworthy person, not good enough, a failure, breaking my girls heart into a million of pieces.. etc. this is something i struggle with and its been a while now. just feeling down and out 😞
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dont be sorry, your just trying to help me. i just need to grow a back bone and be honest.. with everyone, including myself. firstly, i feel i need to change my living arrangements and be strong with it all.

You can do it. You sound like an awesome person with a lot of love to give.

thanks justinok. the right thing will happen all in time.

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Hi Miss Jane , in the last post on thread you are correct , the right thing will happen . Also I had a thought when I read the first post , all my life I have had behavior patterns that subliminally make me destroy good things in my life as I have a deep feeling of unworthiness to have happiness . This comes from a very hard childhood ( as far back as I have memory of ) where I was always told I would achieve nothing and was worthless . This made it impossible for me to ever love myself on top of being Non Binary . I am at the back end of life now and free of this since letting Jo out ( not to long ago ) but it kept me down for so many decades .

Hope this might give you another thread of thought ? Love and happiness to you and all out there , Jo