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I'm new and the past 12 months have been well not kind, my wife devorced me I can not hold a job longer the 3 mouth's before I have a breakdown, and recently I have started dumping/ saying to family and friends don't contact me and delete any contact info they have on me. I cry for no reason just out of the blue and find the only way I'm coming is drinking in the afternoon and then going to sleep only to wake up at 3am and starting the whole day the same, I don't know what I want out of this Forum or if it may help I just don't know.
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Hi 1967,

Welcome to the forums and thank you for sharing your story with us here. It takes a lot of courage to reach out for support, you also never know who will read this post and feel less alone in their own experiences. We are sorry to hear that your relationship has come to an end and that it is making you feel this way. We know that changes in out personal life can have a profound impact on how we feel and our sense of self. It sounds like it has been an especially difficult time for you. Please know that you never have to go through this alone, and support is always here for you.

If you would like to talk to someone we would recommend that you get in contact with the Beyond Blue Support Service. They are available 24/7 by phone on 1300 22 4636 or on Webchat 1pm-12am AEST on our website: www.beyondblue.org.au/getsupport  One of our friendly counsellors will be able to talk through these feelings with you and can offer support, advice and referrals.

We also strongly urge that in overwhelming moments you get in touch with our friends at Lifeline (13 11 14) or the Suicide Call Back Service (1300 659 467).

Thank you again for being brave and for sharing here today. Please feel free to check back in and update the community on how you are going if you feel comfortable doing so. 

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1967 said:I'm new and ...snip... I don't know what I want out of this Forum or if it may help I just don't know.

G'day 1967, I'm kinda newish here too, joined in Feb but only been hanging out more these last few months.

I too have felt like I didn't even know what I wanted. Which turned out to be interesting because, I realised I wanted to know what I wanted. Just that intention of wanting to know was brilliant!

I hung onto it. I discovered, nope, didn't want friends, didn't want sport, didn't want phone calls, didn't want food, didn't want alcohol, all the didn't wants started piling up higher and higher -so I acknowledged that and let them all go.

And abided there for a while.



I discovered that even though I wanted nothing, that I also didn't want cold feet.

So I put on my best thick socks, in my best threadbare ugg boots, wrapped myself in my best sleeping bag, next to the best heater I had and I took comfort that I had discovered something I wanted.

I wanted warm feet.

Turns out I occasionally still get cold feet from my T2 diabetes, but damn me I'm going to aim to keep them warm!

So I suggest you start with listing your survival needs. You want to survive right!

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Champion Alumni

Hello 1967, welcome to the site, and you're not alone, many people join the forums unexpected of what may happen and when they can connect with one person or in turn, several people who know exactly how they're feeling, that's when they begin to comfortable, we hope this also happens with you.

Being divorced can be the beginning for someone to show signs that depression/anxiety has started, not that I'm qualified to say, but know from my situation it had already begun before my divorce and only made me feel worse, unsure of who to turn to, although I was seeking help from a psychologist, but this put another dimension on my therapy.

I was already drinking, using it as a self medication and understand exactly what you have said and every morning was the same as the day before, just as I thought the same would happen tomorrow.

You have had Sophie_M, David and myself reply back to you and hope we and anyone else can continue your thread, as it is important for those who can relate to what you've said, talk with you.

Best wishes.


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1967. +1 day. Good job...

Happy 1 day anniversary 1967, SURPRISE! It’s the BB crew.

I’m nice and loud so you hear me come in, It’s safe here, you’re ok now, we’re ok now too!

Cheers 1967 and everyone!

This rounds on me.

Hello 1967.

You've made it to +1 day and 1 hour, good job...

We keep the lights lower now, but still observe.

peaceful dreams friend.

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Yep 1 day plus 1hr but it still is the same as the other day, but reading this forum is good and I don't feel so alone which is good. So time will tell thankyou again for your kind words

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Hey 1967,

That post David lifted my spirits, and it isn't even aimed at me.

I'm in the same boat, I still see my ex all the time, which has its own pitfalls.

You are not alone, not in life and not in experience.

I dont have any socks on but I haven't gotten out of bed yet... I am super warm though. It truly is the little things that make you happy that matter.

I always find a good cup of tea and/or coffee help me. Twinings make Australian Afternoon tea... it's like the best tea ever made..

Make Sunday look after your taste buds day 🙂



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Wonderful to feel connection!

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No I don't think this what I'm after be good and be safe