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who is feeling the emotional burden of family conflict?

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do you feel that nobody understands you or nobody is on your side?
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Hu,

You sound as though you’re feeling very lonely & unheard. I don’t know what you’re struggling with exactly but I can tell it’s weighing on you...I feel the hurt...very much so...

I know it’s not the same, but in my own way, I also feel very misunderstood too at times. It’s hard...

If you’re feeling up to it (no pressure), it would be lovely to hear more of your story...

Kindness & care,


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Hu

welcome to the forum and well done for starting your own thread.

feel many reading your question would answer yes.

it is an awful feeling you are not understood by anyone.

As Pepper says if you are up to you it let us know a little more about yourself.

this is a supportive place.You are not alone.

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I have issues staying on task, I also have parrallels with this issue in separating my story from others propogation. I have an uncommon family dynamic and often guilt and unidentified responsibility issues. I have needed mental health support over the past several years and I feel as though simultaniously my parents are both urging me to get on with my life whilst also smothering me in a patronising fashion. I have very good information coping methods but again I find it hard to separate my imaginary response to the shit* friends have put on me, and as though I have an instant spotlight upon any whim of what could be percieved as an unfriendly sign. For example when writing *shit I get a frustrating overwhelming sense of litigation. This has gone on for so long that I just pencil it down to grey matter deterioration.