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Unhappy but too scared to break up

Community Member

Hi all.

I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years. He goes to school overseas so I see him about 4 months a year.

when he is overseas we are happy and we text and FaceTime.

When we are together we are happy.

When he is at home and we arent together or haven't seen each other for 3+ days ; we tend to fight.

he doesn't make a lot of effort to see me and when he does he makes it out to be a chore.

He also sees another girl who he claims to be a best friend but they see each other almost more than he sees me.

im unhappy and I've expressed it to him at times but he never apologies etc.

i think we are better off apart.

i know what going thru an important /long length relationship break up is like and it's scary . I'm scared. I don't like change..

what do I do? The thought of him with another girl makes me sick

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Ilovemycathaha, I'm really sorry for what's been happening.

I think you've answered your own question because if he is with another girl and not with you has to be disappointing, especially as she's his best friend.

Long distance relationships are not easy to maintain because there are huge gaps where you don't know what's happening, I really think you need to move on to be with someone 24/7 to feel the love and get all the cuddles you can.

This will make you a much happier person and if you are struggling to get over this then please go and see your doctor.

Please let us know because there are so many caring people on this site who will offer other advice.

I'm positive you are a lovely person and will have no trouble meeting someone else.

All the Best.