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So lost

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Hi all, I’m new here.
not sure where to start really, but life is pretty average. I feel like it’s a constant battle and has been for around 6 years. We (husband and I) had so much going on. Loss of a business, had to sell our first home, dog got sick, had surgery $10,000 worth. Sold my car to pay for it, (then got a old little Mazda) husbands mental health went down hill. All in this time I was pregnant and then had our second child.
Fast forward to now and we have another business which is fortunately working better but slow, financially we are still battling (it’s a constant issue it seems, with 2 kids there is always something to buy!) we don’t live lavishly also, we are still renting, found out last year through Covid our son has ADHD & anxiety and that’s been a hard issue in itself to come to terms with then also find the correct meds etc.

life just seems constantly HARD. I’m starting to wonder if I’m depressed?! I don’t find much joy in things, parenting is a battle, don’t really love my job and it doesn’t pay much $30 casual rates, but happy to have one for now as I know others have it harder. Not really connected with hubby (and if you asked me about our bedroom antics well that’s like once a month these days, I just don’t seem to want it) , not much family support at all so hubby and I just battle along. Haven’t been on any family holiday in 6 years. Sorry for the vent and not really sure where to start anymore to change my life. Trying to be happy and put on a happy face seems hard work. I feel if it wasn’t for my family, I’d daydream about taking the next exit door outta here but then I feel guilty as I should be great full for what I have. Thanks for reading. M.

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white knight
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Community Champion
Hi, welcome

Firstly this statement hit home to me- "Haven’t been on any family holiday in 6 years".

That happened to me in my 20's, I'm now 64. It led to burn out and a feeling of sadness that my friends enjoyed 4 weeks off every year when they'd go camping and visit the beach.

Beyondblue topic inexpensive idea, camping

Sometimes a 2 man tent, blow up matters, single burner portable cooker and one or two overnight camps can rejuvenate you both...and can be romantic too.


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Finally, I'd suggest a chat with your GP. He/she can refer you or treat you for any mental disorder.

Repost anytime. Well done for writing in.