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Relationship stress and anxiety

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I have been seeing this woman for about 3 months now and things are moving forward and she started accusing me of lying to her all the time about things I have to said to impress her, this is starting to trigger the anxiety and sending me back into deep depression, I dontwant to go through this drama all over again as I married a Narcissist and this drove me to the point of nearly ending my life as I was constantly accused of cheating and I can never do that in a relationship. Not sure weather to put my wall back up around my heart and think about every sentence I say to her or just to walk away and be alone again I have a beautiful heart and I give it out to easy and it keeps getting stomped on.

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Hi .perhaps try to sit down and have a discussion with her first . Explain the situation and that it's making you anxious . Make sure it's a calm conversation so you can really get your point across.

Ultimately it's your call and you should do what is best for your mental health .

All the best