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Possible STI

Community Member
I've recently been told I may have genital warts. I broke up with my partner of 20 years, 3 years ago. I havent been with anyone else since. My doctor has only referred me to a gynecologist, but given no treatment options. I cant get in to see the gynecologist until March.

This is stressing me out as I have recently starting dating again.

Has anyone else had an STI appear years later??

Any advice will be appreciated.
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Community Member
"may have" are the optimal words.

Genital warts are a symptom of HPV (an STI and there are multiple strains of HPV). It can be anywhere from 1 to 20 months from contracting HPV before symptoms are shown. From what you describe, you are well outside this period.

I'd highly suggest getting a second opinion on this if concerned with the timeframe of the gynecologist appointment.