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New mum completely alone

Community Member

So I gave birth last year during the peak Melbourne lockdown. We planned my bubs before covid even existed and at about 8 weeks we got put into lockdown. Throughout the whole thing I didn’t hear from any of my family or friends. And once having my baby I have practically become invisible.
I was discharged 36 hours after birth, on my own account due to the fact nurses had told me they forgot about me, I was very sick and was left quite a few times waiting for pain and nausea meds for hours.
on getting home no one messaged, no one dropped food around, no one sent gifts or flowers, no one came to meet her through the window. I have asked my mum a few times now, (not her first grandchild and she has the other mutiple times a week) if she can have my bubs for a bit or for help so I can cook or do some washing or sleep. I’ve been laughed at, told straight out they don’t want to look after a difficult baby, and completely ignored. About 5 months ago I reached out to my closest friend before birth and told her I am struggling and I haven’t heard back since. To this date none of my family or friends have even come to visit at our house, I haven’t seen a single one of my friends in over 6 months. I message them, and try to reconnect but either just get ignored for months or plan something that they then cancel, every, single, time. So many people who planned visits or to be a part pf our lives, dissapeared or became uncontactable. I’m really struggling that I have had to do this alone and I keep thinking that maybe if I didn’t have a baby, people would at least still be pretending to like me. I find myself going to the supermarket and getting adult interaction from cashier people because that’s the only time I get any. We have tried doing group baby things, but 9 out of 10 times we were ignored in group activity’s and quite often people would just walk in the opposite direction to us. Even had a women stand up and walk away from me within 10 seconds of sitting near her to join in an activity Dunno how much longer I can keep being strong for my girl, when I feel like I should just actually disappear

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Community Member

I’m really sorry to hear your friends and family are acting this way, they certainly do seem very distant and unhelpful.

Its great that you have reached out on here. I hope you find some connection of some sort. Some suggestions...

See a psychologist or a counsellor for a chat . You can get free or reduced cost through a mental health plan.

Meetup groups, mother and baby groups , craft groups. .?

I hope you find some options soon.