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Looking for private health care with good mental health cover

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Hi All,

Newbie here. Please be gentle!

My husband is in a really bad spot. He's recently admitted to himself that he has PTSD (from being in the army) and has been issued a mental health plan from his GP. I also feel as though he has bi polar but that's for a professional to come to the conclusion to... He doesn't have private health insurance so I'm looking around for him as he can't take on such a big task right now. The mental health plan from the GP will obviously only last for so long. We're based in QLD and he's early 30's (if that's makes any difference?)

I have no doubt that this is a thread that will have been asked around a lot and I apologise for anther round of it and appreciate all your help and understanding 🐵

Flang x

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Community Champion

Dear Flang~

Welcome here, it is a difficult question to answer, particularly as it would be regarded for a period as a pre-existng condition.

May I ask if you have contacted the defense forces over this? I was ?lucky? in that my force accepted liability and I receive free psychiatric help as a result.

Choice had a good article about some of the things to consider, you may find it useful as a checklist:

Ringing around the funds armed wiht that you may find joining one particular one rather than another suits best.

I hope this helps