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Is feeling numb a part of depression?

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I’ve been recently diagnosed with depression but I think I’ve had it for a few years due to several bad relationships and family circumstances

i have been with my current partner for 14months and I just feel numb I don’t have much love towards him at all I don’t get excited about things or miss him and I get angry easily could this be the depression?

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Bluebell,

It sounds as though things have been very rough the past few years. I agree that bad relationships and family struggles can definitely take its toll...

I think you’re asking some really thoughtful questions, which is great. Personally, I feel it’s really hard to say...

Yes, depression can sometimes contribute to numb/disconnected feelings in some people. But it’s hard to say if your current negative feelings towards your partner is due to your depression, or due to you genuinely feeling that way about him...

I wonder if maybe you’ve tried talking to a psychologist or counsellor about some of your conflicted feelings about your relationship to maybe find the cause e.g. is it your depression that is making you feel that way or is it because there are things in your relationship that perhaps could benefit from some serious discussions/extra work?

That being said, those are just my general thoughts and suggestions. I understand they may or may not be suitable, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share them...

Thinking of you...

Kindness and care,


Community Champion
Community Champion

Bluebell welcome to the forum and well done for starting this thread.

Pepper has given you a helpful reply.

I know people often see depression as being sad but feeling nothing and feeling numb can be part of that too.

I found feeling flat and nothing was an awful feeling and I found it hard to talk to others.


Thanks Pepper Im hoping talking to a psychologist will help as its not the first time ive felt like this 😕

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Bluebell1, thanks for your comment and comments by Pepper and Quirky have nailed it because if you have been emotionally hurt, one way or another, then you are going to feel numb particularly towards the person you are with and become indifferent to everything else.

If you don't love your partner and become angry with him and certainly don't miss him, then I'd do as the others have said, plus I would suggest time away from him, simply because you can't heal while you're currently with him in this instance.

Please let us know how you get on.