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I don't know who I am.

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I had been married for 12 years and together for  15. I have found out that he has been unfaithful.   For sometime we we fairly separate in most things that we done e.g he would go fishing for weeks. We have only had 2 holidays together (the last one was our honeymoon) apart from a rare weekend away.   The reason for the breakdown in his eyes is due to the sexual part of the relationship.  We have 2 children 9&6 .   I don't know even who I am, as I have always followed him and been a mother. I work full time to support  us financially.  We now live a long way away from my family as he wanted to move for work 4 years ago.   😞

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Hey Sad79...

Can I ask what you do for yourself? I'm sure you're a great mum, and your put in financially...it would have been a hard thing for you to do to move away from your family

But what do you have thats just yours?

Also to you and your hubby enjoy your time as a couple?

When I was still at home I felt like I had lost my identity. I know my ex also felt the same being a stay at home mum. We forgot how to be man and wife and from what I can tell its pretty common. Do you talk to your husband about it?