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Help i dont know what to do

Community Member
I told my husband today that i want to seperate. He didnt take it well . He is involving my kids but im trying to protect them from any discussions. He was telling one of them that i dont want him anymore and he has to leave. My son was so upset in floods of tears. Im scared what he is going to do next. He is downstairs drinking and i cant ring any one as i have 2 kids in bed with me and all text help lines are closed. I dont know what to do
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
hello, it's a concern that your husband hasn't taken the separation very well and is now drinking, so at the moment I'm not sure how it is going so please email back whenever you have a chance, remember we are worried about your situation. Geoff.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Lillyloopy~

I hope by now you have been able to reach someone, our own Chat Help Line is open 3:00 PM until 12:00 AM AEDST (link top of this page).

I guess it is not a surprise someone can act as your husband has in such a situation. Whatever the facts behind the separation are it can be a real blow and shock to lean of it, and you aren't really going to be able to control what he says. It's a pity he has to vent to a child.

The main thing is for oyu and the kids to remain safe. Don't hesitate to ring 000 if you feel threat threatened by violence.

Is there anyone to support you at the moment? A parent perhaps. Do you have somewhere you and the children can stay for a bit?

As Geoff say please let us know how you go