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Friend has corona and stopped responding to messages

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hi friends,

One of my close friends overseas told me about a week ago they tested positive for coronavirus. They work at a meat processing plant and are now isolating. They have mild symptoms. The minute my friend informed me he had the virus however, he just stopped responding to my messages.

Now I know I can't expect a response because every person experiencing this virus is unique and going through their own thing. But I am worried for my friend. How can I support someone who isn't responding right now?

Thanks for your time!
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Sorry to hear about your friend and the effect it is having on you. The not knowing can be the worst - or our minds (or mind) can easily get drawn to negative thoughts. There are also reasons why they might not have responded - reframing our thoughts is more easily said than done.

Perhaps you could tell them that you are worried for them, about their health and please tell me how you are doing?

Or do you both have friend in common you could ask?

You could also check out...


which is like a portal to other pages and information on things you can try/do at this time. Hope some of this help you.


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Champion Alumni

Hello Dwarfstar,

Thanks for reaching out. You're a very kind and caring friend in trying to support them, and I can tell you are very concerned about your friends well-being. There is several possible reasons why he hasn't responded back to you yet. Adding onto what @smallwolf mentioned, it's always best if we try not to overthink about all the potential reasons. It can be very draining and tiring. I'm sure that he is really grateful and appreciative that you are thinking about his wellbeing.

Wishing you all the best and sending you positive thoughts!