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Can barley function

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I can’t clean, give my kids the basic needs atm. 
I am struggling to get out of bed and shower each day. 
I’m tired and anytime I try do anything I get angry at how awful it all is and overwhelming and feel like id rather go throw the covers back over my head. 
my family especially my partner is looking to me to go back to cleaning like I always have and taking care of them and this house. 
but iv had enough,  I have no desire in me to do anything. 
I can’t think, I can barley make a appointment and keep it. 
im lost 

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Community Champion

Hello Dear sethShane-_..


A very warm and caring welcome to our forums..


I am so sorry you’re feeling this way…Depression, can strike anyone down at any time for no reason at all…maybe your struggling with depression…I am no Dr just a person who feels like you do when depression strikes me down…


I would like to gently urge you to reach out to your a Dr and talk to them about how you’re feeling and thinking…maybe they will set you up with a mental health care plan, where you can have access to free professional counselling…


Are you in a good relationship with your partner?..I ask that because, I’m wondering if it’s possible to sit down with them and talk about how you’re feeling…would your partner be supportive of your feelings and go with you to a Drs appointment…so Dr. Can check you  out both physically and mentally…to help get a diagnosis for your mental health..


My kindest thoughts are with you, 



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Community Champion

Hi, welcome


Sometimes our cars need a service. Their oil is needing replacement and tyres renewed. But then again, we sometimes need to wait for the opportunity like saving money.


No different to human beings. As Grandy kindly mentioned (and she is a classic example of lived experience in this field and a huge success story for Beyondblue) a GP visit is essential because along with chatting to an expert there is basic tests they do that can eliminate some concerns. In fact I've attended a GP many times and although no action was justified I felt better knowing I had the all clear.


"Kids are resilient" my GP told me 25 years ago. They adapt and your guilt is likely playing a bigger factor in your feelings.


Re: "my family especially my partner is looking to me to go back to cleaning like I always have and taking care of them and this house."  Perhaps it is time for a serious sit down meeting with your partner. If you feel you are doing more than 50% of the housework and child preparations/care then that could be the core of the problem. In my experience with a very lazy 1st wife when I had 3 jobs and did everything in the home also, burnout comes as it seems to be with you. You have to have a team effort. If you feel that way then a marriage counsellor is necessary.