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Anyone need a chat friend?

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Need someone to talk to
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Always up for a chat, especially with a mum. I am one too, plus my own mum is not here anymore, so I can't talk to her. Mums always know best, even if we don't realise it atm?

Tell us what's on your mind.


Hi jugglin strugglin sound,s like we may have something in common i to have lost both of my parent,s and my children are grown up and have left the nest.And i now out of no where suffer with depression. I am very much up for a chat here and there it can be very lonely with your own thoughts. And would love a pick me up now and then lend an ear and give a ear....

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Champion Alumni
hello Mumma, are you still there so we can have a discussion, and please don't get frightened which can quite easily happen, but you're talking with many people who are struggling with their own issues, some may have overcome them, but this doesn't mean they won't happen again, while others are having trouble coping with them, but are still able to help out, so please try and get back to us. Geoff.

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Hope you are well i was scared to join this group but since i needed someoneto talk to and you as well

I am a great guy that has and will alwsys do anything to help others

But i am not appreciated at all

I look after my better halfs whole family financialy amd get no recognition at all

My kids are all over 20

I just work come home and just surf the net

I dont drink partyor anything