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Afraid of losing unsuitable friends because of loneliness feeling

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My biggest issue is loneliness feeling in Australia and being far from my family so when I find new friends specially from the same country, I trust them easily and deny their unfaithful behaviour. After a while I find out or I open my eyes and start to see the truth... I’m scared of losing friends 🥺help me

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Champion Alumni

Hello Baran, thanks for posting your comment and welcome not only to Australia but also to the forums where you will meet many friends who have also lost their closest due to this illness, those they once believed would support them.

People may deny so they don't have to take responsibility for their actions or too scared to own up, believing their reputation might be damaged, but when any unfaithful behaviour occurs, that breaks the trust you once believed had formed.

This trust has to earned by both parties, not only once but when we expect it, even if it inconveniences us, that's the friendship we rely on, and the opposite also applies.

What people say may vary from time to time but when you know that person you can determine what's true and what's exaggerated.

Take care.