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Seeking support groups in Melbourne south east

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Hi all. Was watching channel 9 “my wife my abuser” and it struck a nerve and I found myself feeling sad for the abuse I took physical , mental and emotional. 16 years in a relationship marriage being berated for the smallest things ie hanging a tea towel slightly uneven. I can’t perform a diagnosis of my ex wife but it looks like the text book narcissistic behaviour. I found myself fully functional at a in charge level of one of Australias largest  companies to coming home and being a mouse of a man . We have been separated for 9 years now and there was the classic text harassment and denying visitation of a child. 

What I’m looking for is does anyone know of a narcissistic survivor group or similar in the south east of Melbourne. I’ve tried one on one counseling and didn’t find it helpful apart from the sharing my story. Seeking a survivor group. 

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Hi Survive-,    Thank you for having the courage to post to the forums. We sorry to hear of your past experience in your relationship but we are glad that you could share here.

Although are unable to suggest specific support groups based on your location to ensure anonymity, we wanted to suggest some great organisations that can provide specialist support in this area. Organisations such as 1800 RESPECT (180 737 732), who can provide support to those with a past of abuse. You are also welcome to call our Support Service at any time on 1300 22 4636 for information and referrals to specialist agencies in your area.  You can also talk to Blue Knot about this on 1300 657 380 (available between 9am-5pm). Their experienced counsellors work with people who have experienced complex trauma. They also have some resources on their website which could be useful to visit: https://blueknot.org.au/

Thank you again for reaching out here. Please know that you are not alone in this experience and our community is always here to provide support. Kind regards,     Sophie M