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My name is Carl and I’ve been in business most of my life and helped and mentored quite a few young people get their life back on track and give them direction and am still doing the same thing. I grew up in my younger years on the streets left school at 15 and started working. My mother and father separated when I was 8 years old and spent most of my teenage years with an alcoholic mother.  I had a son with a very debilitating autoimmune disease, which caused extreme physical and mental health. He suffered from anxiety, ptsd and ocd. He passed 1 year ago. I saw him go through alot of physical and psychological pain which I was allways there to help him through calmly. So if any of you guys out there would like to reach out for a chat or just someone to listen to you please feel free to contact me.  




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Hi there carl. Very nice of you to offer such support here and very appreciated especially considering what you do.

There is something l would love to ask your thoughts on with my d and l''' get back to you about it later on when time.

Take care and thanks again.