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the loss of my dog

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hi 🙂

Six months ago, I had to put my dog down after a kidney infection. he got sick and was gone within a week. yesterday was his birthday, he would've been 10.

My dog was the one thing that could always make me happy. Just being able to pat and hug him make me feel so happy and loved. So when he was gone, I found it hard to live my day-to-day life.

Recently I've been going through some weird emotions. I'm just sad and I don't know why. In times like this, I would go hug my dog or go for a walk with him and my mum, but now I hate going for walks because he's not there.

My parents don't want another dog, and even if we got one, it wouldn't be the same without my dog. I just wish I had more time with him. He was meant to live another few years.

I've never had to go through the death of a pet, and I never want to again. It absolutely sucks.

This all may sound stupid because I'm talking about a dog and not a human, but the death of a pet is like the death of your best friend.

I don't know what replies I'm looking for, just felt like telling someone about this. I hope that anyone else who has gone through anything similar is ok. We can get through this together.

I wish you all love and happiness ❤️

- may.

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Hi May,

I hope things are starting to get better, I do understand and 100% agree that the loss of a pet can feel the same as a loss of anyone.

We had to make the hard decision last week to put our 11 year pup Bella to sleep as she was having breathing issues and she wasn't responding to treatment... This has rocked me I knew I loved the little girl but never knew that her leaving our life would affect me the way it has.

I have lost pets before but this one hurts the most...I am beating myself up a bit at the moment with regrets of not spending more time with her, did I make the right decision, I should have done better, did I let her down.

Although she is irreplaceable I believe in reincarnation and feel that our pups come back to us again so don't rule out getting another version of them as the chance will show up again in the future, but for now just remember them and keep them alive in our heart and let them know that they will always matter.