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Rant about my coping mechanism.

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Hi everyone, I’m new here and I just wanted to get something off my shoulders.
I’ve recently found a way to cope with my depression by going on long walks daily, but as a teen I still have to talk to my parents first.
For the past few days I have asked to go on my walks but been declined. My parents know I have depression, and I they said they will take that into account when making decisions with me, but I’m being declined the one coping mechanism I have found.

what do I do?

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Community Champion

Hi Deathbug9976,

Welcome to the forums! It's amazing to hear you've found a coping mechanism that works for you and I can understand the frustration you must be feeling with your parents not granting you permission to go for a walk.

I would suggest asking them why they have declined allowing you to go for a walk. I'm sure there is a good reason why, perhaps they are worried for your safety. You and your parents might work together to figure out the best solution for you to go on your daily walk. Some adjustments you might make could be walking with a parent or friend, only walking during the day, or texting them updates every 5-10 minutes to let them know you're okay.

Lastly, if you think they don't quite understand how valuable the walks are to you, you might explain to them how important they are and how helpful it is for you to be able to walk daily.

Keep us updated with what you decide to do!

Best wishes,


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Hey there, fellow walker. I'm a big fan of getting out and about too ... I work from home three days a week and I try to start each day with a coffee and stroll. It does wonders for your energy levels if you can kick your day off just ambling round the blocks randomly.

I reckon as Beeee said, try to calmly let your parents know just how important this is to you, to get out and clear your head. Ask them what it is holding them back from letting you outside. Maybe even let them know the route you're going on, or if they're really worried, give them a call en route and let them know a) you're OK and b) how good it is for you.

Hope you can resolve this. There are plenty of articles online about the positive effects of walking on mental health that you could point your parents to. This has really been brought out into the light since the pandemic hit and we were all in lockdown.

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Have you got a mobile phone? Knowing that your parents can contact you helps. Also, telling your parents where abouts you're walking can help. It's really a trust-building exercise. On the one hand, your parents are probably worried you might do something to harm yourself. But on the other hand, if you've found something that is good for mental health (and physical) you shouldn't be denied it either. Try to identify why it is your parents are so concerned and address each of those.

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Champion Alumni

Hello Deathbug, I hope you are still checking your thread and that you are safe and agree with what those above me have said.

Psychologists and doctors suggest that exercise is a good start in helping people overcome any type of depression, so if you haven't been to see one, then mention that sites like BB are where people have been told by their counsellor/GP that this certainly does help some people.

I realise your parents are concerned, that's because they love you and wonder if you a dog you can take with you on a walk.

May be you could start off with just a short walk and then increasing this when you have their confidence.