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Irritability after Quiting SSRIs

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Hi all,

I have a question about quitting SSRI's and irritability.

I slowly tapered off SSRIs about two months ago, after being on them 15 years. I had brain zaps and other symptoms for a month, and these have dissipated. Good news is I'm not feeling depressed. Bad news is I'm really irritable and have lost patience and tolerance. I'm feeling what I would call stress, rather than anxiety. This is kind of hard for me because I'm in a job that requires some patience and tolerance so I don't feel like I'm doing as well at my job, and also I'm not as tolerant at home. I'm controlling it as best as I can on both fronts but feel like I'm holding on against a tidal wave all the time.

I've been on SSRIs so long that I'm having difficulty understanding if this is from SSRI discontinuation, or if it's really me not on SSRIs! I don't want to go making lifestyle changes, like quitting my job and doing something else, if it's a symptom of SSRI discontinuation, which I know it is in the short term, but it's now been two months so I'm questioning if it's related to discontinuation now, or if it's just me.

Has anyone else experienced symptoms from quitting SSRIs that go this long?

Thanks for any help!


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Champion Alumni

Hi Jason

We are usually quick at answering new posts within 12 hours. Im sorry that you havent had a response...yet

Welcome and good on you for having the courage to post too! I have been on a low dose of SSRI's for 23 years for anxiety issues. The symptoms you are experiencing are common when weaning off SSRI's.

Have you been seeing your GP during this period of coming off the SSRI's?

Your post has been bumped back up so others that have ceased their SSRI's can provide some support Jason

my kind thoughts