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I'm not sure what to do

Community Member

I'm not sure what to do. My depression is eating away at me and I have absolutely no motivation or drive to do anything except scrape by my uni work and do my rostered shifts at work every week.

I have seemingly no interests in my hobbies and struggle to really do anything but lay in bed and contemplate everything if I'm not working or at uni.

My anxiety has also been really bad the last few weeks and I feel like I want to go see someone to speak to about it. But it's daunting for me and I'm just not sure overall.

It's become really frustrating because I want to be able to do stuff but I just cannot bring myself to do it, I cannot bring myself to do anything and I just want to feel better and be better and be able to do stuff.

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That Other Guy
Community Member

If you go to a GP you can get a mental health plan and get 10 counselling sessions. You say you 'want to talk to someone about it' so I assume you are not doing this. PLEASE do this as soon as you can. You need support and someone trained to help you is bound to help you find ways to cope better and be happier

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi chinnychungus,

Well come to our forums.

Im sorry you are feeling this way.

I understand that it does feel daunting to see a health professional about the way we are feeling but please know they are here to help us and they will understand your concerns.

Please make an appointment with your gp and discuss how your anxiety and depression are affecting your life.

I went through severe anxiety OCD I’ve now recovered thanks to the health professionals who helped me I don’t know where I’d be today without their help.