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Depression, isolation, lost

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not sure where to start or what to say, I’ve had anxiety and depression for a long time, and take medication since my early teens (I’m in my 30s)

I have experienced a few rough years, and now have isolated myself in a bubble, it gets overwhelming and I get anxious, but not over things that seem significant,

my family have left or passed, i miss them a lot and feel rudderless with out my father

I struggle to make any relationships with friends, meet new people, dating is a mind field. the few friends I do have don’t have time for me, I feel unwanted, I’m constantly exhausted, I live in a beautiful area but everything looks grey, the only thing happy to see me is my pet

I don’t want to inconvenience the family I do have, and I don’t feel comfortable talking with my gp, i feel useless, lost and exhausted, sleep constantly and have no energy, no life

I’m not sure where else to talk?

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Champion Alumni

Hello Displaynameme, and a pleasure to welcome you to the forums.

Living with depression and anxiety is something no one wants to struggle with, unfortunately, people do, but now it's become more aware and help is available.

I'm very sorry that you're battling with this illness, I've been in the same position as yourself, not wanting to talk with anyone, but eventually, I did, once I accepted I needed help because I was in denial.

Can I suggest that you write down everything that's troubling you on a piece of paper, from the past and in the present and if you are able to make an appointment with your doctor then all you have to do is pass this document over to your doctor, they will know how you are feeling, it's about getting familiar with your doctor and someone you can trust.

If you can do the K-10 test which you can find at the top under 'The Facts', this will give you a score on your depression, but do this test several times but not straight after the other and also take this with you.

Let's get you the help you need so that your confidence can return.

It would be great to hear back from you.